What is Derp Cow?-- Derp Cow is a box filled with mystery items(clothes, gadgets, gizmos)

What is inside a Derp Cow box?-- Inside you will find items Personally Curated for you,such as awesome name brand goodies like shirts, sweaters. belts, body scrubs, makeup, gadgets, books, and a whole bunch of other possibilities! All of which our curators hand select for you based off of your order you placed.

What does Personally Curated mean? Personally Curated boxes are filled with items hand selected by one of our amazing and trained staff members to fit your order form!

Can i buy this as a gift for someone else?--Yes! All you have to do is simply fill out the order form to their preferences and sizes and we do the work for you, ensuring a happy customer! (make sure to fill out Their interest not your own, on the order form)

How often do you ship boxes?-- As soon as you fill out the questionnaire and buy your box, we get right to work on it, and send it out as soon as possible!

What are your return policies/ can i exchange an item or size? -- Once your order is placed, you have 24 hours if you wish to cancel your order. After that ,all sales are final unless you want to exchange your box for store credit.

Do you have coupons and discounts?-- Yes we do! Follow our Instagram to see when we will have discounts!